Due to the many beautiful memories we have had in the years gone, by with our great grand parents, we wanted to honor their memory by bringing back life to our ancestral home. This has long been a dream come true for us and with love and attention to detail, we christened the renovated house Arsorama (Arsos + Orama – Arsos + Dream).

Our intention was to provide our visitors with quality, beauty comfort, luxury, friendliness but at the same time close links with tradition. Bearing this in mind, we gave much attention love and care to provide a truly atmosphere agricultural resort in the central square of the village.
Arsorama, consists of our holiday home and 4 independent apartments which are all connected by a large internal stone paved garden. Years ago, the garden was a meeting place of many of the ladies of the village where they would chat and embroider together; it could in face be likened to a female kafenio (café) where they could enjoy each others company; our grandmother being much loved by all and always welcoming. Our grand father, on the other hand, was well known for being the prankster and accordingly with much humour would often sprinkle the ladies with water, setting everybody into peals of laughter!!

One part of the garden which Lasa beautiful stone arch has been converted into a sitting, communal area for our visitors, where they can enjoy watching TV or playing board games.

Our grandparents have each and every one of them left their own mark characteristically and for this reason we named the apartments after them.
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