Arsos is well known in the area for its many functions and festivals each time and each one having its own distinctive character.
Palouze Festival

After the grape harvest, towards the end of September, the village organizes the Palouzes (a traditional dessert made with flour and grape juice and cooked in large copper cauldrons) festival. On this particular day, many visitors from all over Cyprus come to watch the making of Palouze. The tasting and buying of many of the either products made from grape juice.
Apostol Philip name day 14th of November

On the 14TH of November each year the village celebrates the  Feast day of the patron Saint of the village,Ap.Philippos
15th of August
The village comes to life again with games, voices and laughter filling the central square. The municipality of the village is responsible for organizing all kinds of functions, such as dinner dances, theatrical and musical evenings.
With the tolling of the bell one by one the villagers go to church. The procession of the body of CHRIST (Epitafio) through the winding streets of the village, the dying of Easter eggs, the presentation of the Holy Light, the huge bonfire, the games in the central square and the beautiful aromas coming from the cooking of lamb on aspit (souvla) is but a few of the characteristic events that occur at Easter.
Tree plant
It has now become a tradition that on very 2nd Sunday of January, the planting of trees is organized.
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